SONI + NINA 4EVER  LbNA # 37290

Placed DateDec 30 2007
LocationAnnandale, VA
Found By Super Rod
Last Found Sep 3 2011
Hike Distance?

This letterbox was designed with young kids in mind, as the walking trail is relatively short.

The letterbox is hidden in Valley Crest Park in Annandale, VA. Begin at the entrance where Valleycrest Blvd and Statecrest Drive intersect. Walk through the park gate and continue down the paved path until you reach 12 magic stones. Allow them to help you on your journey.

After using the stones, walk 30 paces up the path and encounter a gravel trail on your right. Follow the gravel for about 60 paces. Stop at the troll hole on your left. Look to your left, about half-way up the hill, and locate a large tree with a distinctive burl. The letterbox is hidden in the base of the tree (side opposite the burl)and is covered with leaves. If you walk too far up the hill, you will come to another paved trail. Watch out for berry thorns!

Note: This is the first letterbox that I have placed, and my first attempt at carving a stamp. After carving, I realized that I made an error on the stamp. Rats! Can you spot it? :)