Fish Out of Water: Two  LbNA # 37293 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateDec 30 2007
LocationLakeland, TN
Found By Tess13377
Last Found Sep 10 2014
Hike Distance?

****Striped fish is missing, but Swordfish is still there****

Make your way to IHM Park at 4501 Canada Rd. (Exit 20 off I-40). Pull into the parking lot and see the start of the paved trail on the left that leads down to a small lake.

Striped Fish
Walk down the paved path to the lake. Turn right on the gravel path by the lake. Just after crossing over the culvert, turn right through an opening in the fence towards a picnic table. At the back of this clearing see another opening in a fence, take that trail up into the woods. In about 10 steps the trail splits, go to the right. In about 20 more steps the trail splits again, go to the left. Right after a short, steep downhill, look to the right for a big mossy tree on the side of the slope. The box is inside the hole on the front of the tree, close to the base of the tree.

Sword Fish
Continue following the dirt path. Shortly it joins back up with the original gravel path around the lake. Pass 2 picnic tables ignoring the wide car-width path to the right. Turn right on the dirt trail to the right, marked with a wooden sign that reads "START". Go down then up. While standing at the up see the cluster of 3 trees at the midpoint between the trail to the left and the trail straight ahead. Walk the 30 steps to the box at the base of this tree trio.

Now back to the gravel path and around the lake back to your car, or take your time exploring the woods. We saw lots of animal tracks in the woods, and a stick snake and stick alligator (sticks that look like snakes or alligators.. hehehe) in the water.

Length: 2.0 miles (if you go all the way around the lake).