A Year in the Life of Santa - January  LbNA # 37307

OwnerLone Star Quilter    
Placed DateDec 29 2007
LocationHockley, TX
Found By lankin's purple monkeys
Last Found Apr 2 2011
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Everyone knows what Santa is up to around Christmas time, right? If he’s not packing up toys and gifts, he’s probably sitting in a big chair at the mall, finding out what all the little ones want for Christmas. Sometimes he’s out on the street corner ringing a bell and collecting money for those less fortunate folks who can’t afford to buy Christmas presents. And how much time does he spend starring in all those Christmas movies and TV shows? Okay, so that takes how long? A few days? A week? Did you ever wonder what Santa Claus does the rest of the year? This series of letterboxes will attempt to answer that question month by month. So, what do you think Santa does in January?

From Houston, go northwest on Hwy 290 to Mueschke Rd. Go north a few miles and turn left on Draper (if you come to FM 2920 you’ve gone too far) to the southern part of Kleb Woods Nature Preserve on the left.

To the box:
Take the main trail past the nature center to the Kleb farmhouse. Go behind the house and read the historical marker. With your back to the marker, head down the trail behind the house. When you come to a trail to your right, take it. Walk 26 steps to a huge knotty oak tree on the right. The box is at the back of this tree, at its base, covered with sticks, leaves and a concrete rock. This is what Santa does in January.