Running with Horses  LbNA # 37330

Placed DateDec 25 2007
LocationMuncie, IN
Planted By8XPLORS    
Found By Karibug
Last Found Apr 21 2012
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Running with Horses

This letterbox is hidden on the Prairie Creek Reservoir horse trail south of Muncie, IN near Burlington, IN. Please be cautious of the horses you may encounter on the trail!

Take 35 S. to Mt. Pleasant, IN. Turn north on 419 E. at the Mt. Pleasant grocery store.

Cross over the rickety bridge which crosses over the Cardinal Greenway.

After the first stop sign at 650 S., you will soon see the reservoir on your left then right.

Continue to the second stop sign - Burlington Dr. - turn right down the dead end road.

Park at the wire rope, and walk toward the reservoir.

You'll see a steep incline on your left marked with a horse trail marking before the abandoned road crosses the reservoir. Go up; wind up and down and around the trail.

You are approaching a clearing. On your right is the reservoir. Keep going. This clearing is private property, so please be courteous.

Proceed through the second clearing, and continue on trail for a short distance while looking for a culvert.

When you get to the culvert, go 3/4 up the hill and look for tree triplets three yards to the right of the trail.

Inside you'll find your treasure! Please make your mark, and a short note. Let me know how my box is doing!