John Carpenter Series: Elvis  LbNA # 37332 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateDec 31 2007
LocationBowling Green, KY
Found By Gingaroo
Last Found Aug 22 2012
Hike Distance?

Horror movie king John Carpenter was born in Carthage, New York but he and his family moved to Bowling Green, Kentucky in 1953. Many of his movies have Bowling Green references. This is a continuation of the John Carpenter stamps planted in the Bowling Green area.

Elvis Presley’s music moved the world. KURT RUSSELL portrays The King from his beginnings as a 35-dollar-a-week truck driver to one of the most popular music and film stars the world has ever seen. In ELVIS: The Movie, The King is about to return to the stage in his heroic Las Vegas comeback show, but something interferes with Elvis’ comeback – a death threat on opening night! Alone in his hotel room, Elvis flashes back to his past, now a million miles away. He remembers his rebellious youth at Humes High School in Tupelo, Mississippi, his early days in Memphis, then his meteoric rise to fame and fortune and the one true love of his life… Priscilla.

The King is waiting for you at Lampkin Park located at 506 Woodway Street (off Morgantown Road).

Seek out Shelter Three. Facing the shelter walk to the tree line and turn right. Follow the tree line until it starts to curve into a small clearing. Look in the tree that sits on the corner of the curve. You will be almost parallel to the playground in the distance. The hole is a deep one!

Please reseal and rehide better then you found it. Make sure the lid is screwed on correctly and tightly. You may have to pop the lid on while screwing it to get it to line up right.