Zimmy  LbNA # 37333

OwnerOtis' Friends    
Placed DateDec 31 2007
Location???, DE
Found By ???
Last Found Oct 4 2010
Hike Distance?

Update: There may be a maintenance crew working nearby on weekdays. Exercise caution.

Long before Zimmy hopped a Greyhound to Dinkytown, he lived in a place where the winds hit heavy on the borderline, which was known for large mineral deposits. Go to the place in the first state where the same elemental mineral was mined hundreds of years ago. Park at the museum entrance and follow the (tangled up in) blue blazes past a few benches. Red and white blazes join the blue blazes. At one point, as the trail curves right, there are only red blazes. Then there are blue blazes again. As the trail curves to the left, look to your right to see a tree with the face of a silverback. A short distance on are a question tree and a stone marker to your left. A little ways further you will come to a paved road. Turn left on the paved road and follow it to the gated trail head with the sign warning you against committing indecent exposure or other criminal acts. Follow the trail uphill, past two unmarked trails heading left, to a traffic triangle of sorts. A yellow arrow points the way to an open area. Turn left here and follow the trail through the clearing past a post marked with red and a tree with a blue blaze. You will come to a fork of sorts with a large boulder between the two choices. Take either one, as both go to the same place. You will reach another traffic triangle. On the opposite side of the triangle, you will see that the trail goes either uphill or downhill. Go uphill. Just as the trail curves to the left and downhill, you will see a broken V tree to your right with a boulder behind it. In the general direction of the Nashville skyline is something unlike the first song on Highway 61 Revisited. About fifteen feet to the west of that is a decent-sized tree with a SPOR behind it. There are some nice flat rocks nearby that are suitable for sitting and stamping. For a more scenic change of pace on your return, turn right at the red post and blue-blazed tree. This is the second unmarked trail you passed earlier. When you get to the paved road, look to the left for the blue-blazed tree.