Letterboxer's Series Of Unfortunate Events  LbNA # 37334

Placed DateDec 27 2007
LocationBowling Green, KY
Found By Team JSABAIL
Last Found Aug 31 2014
Hike Distance?

There is a story that has been told of a letterboxer prone to mishap. Despite their best intentions, unfortunate events frequently plaque their efforts. One beautiful day, that letterboxer decided it was a fine day for hike. Packing up their gear, they drove to the Greenway Trail entrance located on Cave Mill Road. There is a small parking lot across the street at H.P. Thomas Park/Bark Park. After parking, they locked their car doors and realized they key was still inside. You would think this would call an end to all plans for a hike. But, this letterboxer is a determined sort and luckily they have friends that are ready to lend a hand.

You can help find the key by carefully crossing Cave Mill Rd and entering the Greenway Trail. Walk downhill. At the bottom of the hill before it slopes back up, look for the tree on the left of the trail. Look carefully in the hole as this box is small and hard to find.

Now that the key has been retrieved, the letterboxer continued on their way uphill. They stopped for a box 15 paces from where the yellow line starts again only to realize they are out of ink. Walk into the woods to your right. In the summer, you will not be able to see the rocks from the trail, but you are looking for a large one that you can not lift. You will need to walk through the grass and into the wooded area to get to it, but not too far in! About 3 paces from the tree line. At the base of the rock you will find the ink hidden under smaller rocks.

After the letterboxer finds the ink, they continue along the curve. The trail runs parallel to the road. At the end of the yellow line, the boxer is getting nervous and reaches for the cellphone....which is missing! It was dropped on the trail. You can retrieve the cellphone by walking 8 paces from the end of that line and looking high in the tree to the left. The tree is covered by honeysuckle in the summer and the vines in the winter. IFacing the tree, go in from the left should make it easier. The box is not hidden beyond the honeysuckle cover, so you should be able to see it.

Our doomed letterboxer continues on to a box that requires a compass. At the start of the next yellow line, they walk 43 paces to a big tree in a small clearing just to realize they lost their compass. Retrieve the compass by taking a reading of 340 or walking 19 more paces to the tree on the right. Not the one directly on the trail, but the one to the right behind it. Look at the base under rocks.

Preparing to leave for the day, the cursed letterboxer finds the car battery is dead. Find a new battery for the misfortunate boxer at 24 paces from where the yellow line ends. You will be at a mighty tree on the right. Backtrack 2 paces and look by the rock in the woods on your left. Again, you may not be able to see the rock from the trail in the summer. It is a larger rock and the battery is hidden at the base under a smaller white rock. Go in a bit to find it.

Every eventful day holds a surprise. You will find what surprised the letterboxer if you continue way on down to the end of the trail to the parking lot. You may want to rest on that bench. After resting, go back the way you came to the yellow pole. Walk about 24 paces and look in a tree stump on your left.

This is not a loop. To get out, you will need to retrace your steps. You can get the Lost River Caves boxes by crossing the bridge into the Cave and Valley area. You should have seen the bridge while your were resting on the bench.

Please rehide well and make sure to double bag the logbook.