The Patriot  LbNA # 37348

OwnerKhaos Kids    
Placed DateJan 1 2008
LocationAshburn, VA
Found By Sphinx140
Last Found Apr 18 2013
Hike Distance?

Start by entering the parking lot of Clyde's restaurant, located in Broadlands subdivision, off Broadlands Blvd., just west of Claiborn Parkway.

The Clydes complex was built from old buildings all over America. There are buildings that were moved from Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, and Vermont. Antiques that decorate the restaurant were collected from Florida, Massachussetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and many other states!

Turn left and park between the Clydes restaurant, and the large red brick Loudoun County school administration building.

There is a sidewalk between the two buildings that turns into an asphalt path. Follow that path, which leads to the property behind the restaurant.

Cross over a bridge.

Keep going until you come to a fork in the path. Turn left at the fork.

When you come to a second fork, turn left and follow the trail over another bridge. Ignore the dead end trail on your left. Keep walking until you see the red barn on your left, and the big green toll road sign in the distance.

If you look at the trail, there is another fork. One leads to the barn, and one dead ends into the trees straight ahead.

Stand at the intersection of this fork and turn toward the dead end, with the barn on your left.

Take about 18 paces to get to the first big pine tree beyond the dead end.

At the tree's base are a bunch of rocks. Wedged between 3 big rocks, is the patriot box!

God Bless America!

Note: We freshened this box on 9/7/11 to make sure everything is in good order. Please note though... After heavy rain, the paths flood - They can get flooded 4 ft and deeper. So be sure to visit after a dry spell!