GEOrge in a Box  LbNA # 37384 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJan 1 2008
LocationCenter Point, AL
Planted Bydib    
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This is a letterbox hybrid which means it's also listed on for geocachers to find. There are trade items in the box, so if you take something, leave something. Not only is this a GEOcache Letterbox Hybrid, it is also a Where's GEOrge themed box! (See for more info on that hobby). The stamp is a self-inker with oil-based ink (won't freeze!) that I had made but no longer use.

Go to the BASEBALL PARK at Jefferson State Community College. From there follow these directions:

Park and walk along the FIRST BASE LINE. You will see a trail heading up the hill. Stay to the RIGHT of the treeline. Go almost to the top of the hill, pass the PAVILION (to your right, stay to the right of), and where a new dirt trail takes a 90-degree turn to the LEFT, the box is hidden between two fallen trees.

There are separate logbooks for Geocachers and Letterboxers. The Letterbox Logbook is in a marked bag along with the stamp.