Murder at the Arboretum  LbNA # 37413

OwnerThe Texians    
Placed DateDec 6 2007
LocationSpring, TX
Found By photopam
Last Found Jul 19 2014
Hike Distance?

This series of letterboxes was intended for the relatively few Texas letterboxers that gather and know each other. By now everyone that fits that description has had an opportunity to find them. From time to time, the casual finder has had trouble locating them, and I have had to make a trip every few weeks or months to check on them, and almost always, the boxes have been in their hiding places and in good condition. Therefore, in order to preserve the boxes, we are making the clues available only by request. If you haven't attended one of the Texas Annual Letterboxing Events, you probably wouldn't appreciate the significance of the stamps anyway. So, contact us and tell us which event you attended. There may be a test.

The Texians