Copan Ruinas  LbNA # 37422

Placed DateDec 29 2007
LocationCopan, HND
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This box is located in the Parque Arqueologico Copan. This is where the Copan Ruins are.

Get their little map and proceed into the Gran Plaza area. As you enter and you are facing the pyramid straight ahead, look behind it, in the back left hand corner. You will see a short wall of stairs leading up to some other small ruins that look like there were once rooms. Go there. On my little map it says 233 on it, but that may change.

After you climb up that short wall, on your left is the ruins with the rooms. Go towards the furthest "room" on the right and go up those steps. You should already see a hole in the rocks of those steps. It is in that hole, but don't reach it from the step side. Sit down and reach it from the other side. I have put a rock on each side of it to conceal it. please make sure to do the same and when you leave, make sure that noone can see it visually from the stairs.

Please let me know when you have found it and what the condition of it is. Thanks!