Aesop's Fables#1-The Tortoise and the Hare  LbNA # 37453

Ownermoose and mamma    
Placed DateJan 6 2008
LocationVersailles, MO
Found By Hart x6
Last Found Mar 23 2011
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Aesop's fabled animals are out of control. With a new spin on five old tales, antics abound in Versailles. Find one or find all five, it's up to you. Bring a compass and your own ink. If you're heading here from the north, I recommend using C road because of the Mennonite farms that dot the landscape. Watch out for buggies and bicycles, especially on Sunday.
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First, it might help to know about our friend Aesop: Aesop was a slave who lived in Greece in mid-sixth-century BC. He was known for retelling tales based on animals. Each tale had an ending that emphasised some moral attribute (or shortcoming). We have taken the liberty of adding a bit to each tale to suit our means. The real tales can be found in many compliations at bookstores, public libraries, or online. There are even some cartoons on Youtube as well as virtual books available.

There is a stoplight (not to be mistaken for a yellow caution light) in Versailles. It is located at the junction of Highways 5 and 52. From the stoplight, travel east until you come to the courthouse. Park on the east side. Our adventure begins here.

This is the tale:
There once was a speedy hare who bragged about how fast he could run. Tired of hearing him boast, Newton Fisher, the tortoise, challenged him to a race. All the animals gathered to watch.
Hare ran down the road for a while and then and paused to rest at the Village for a drink of coffee. He looked back at the tortiose and cried out, "How do you expect to win this race when you are walking along at your slow, slow pace?".
Then, for a lark, he dashed across traffic and up the steps through the doors. Another set of steps and he found that the coffee had gone right through him! Time for a potty break. Aaaah. Hare looked out the window and saw the perfect resting spot to wait for the tortoise. Down he went to rest in leisure.
From this vantage point, Hare looked back and saw tortoise rounding the corner. "I could have been to China and back" Remarked the lofty hare. Hare dashed to the corner to meet (and mock) the little tortoise. The tortoise paid no attention, and the Hare decided to take a break in the shade. Finding the nearest shelter, Hare stretched himself out on the plank floor and fell asleep. "There is plenty of time to relax."
After a time, Hare awoke and looked at the ceiling above him. Tortoise had left a message! Quickly Hare jumped up and followed the path that tortoise had been taking. Although Hare considered stopping to pick up a ticket for the latest show, he reconsidered when he saw that the colors from the message Tortoise had left were spinning down the sidewalk.
Far ahead, our little tortoise was turning down an eastbound alley. Hare, determined to catch up, dashed ahead and turned down the alley as well. Hare considered stopping for some quick cash, but decided against it because the money laundring operation across the street made him nervous. Looking South, Hare saw that tortoise was almost to the finish line!
The animals watching were cheering loud for Tortoise, dancing and singing, just as they had been taught.
When it came time for the tortoise to get his prize the animals realized that it had been hidden for safekeeping. "Spider hid it east of here," Newt said. Everyone tromped down the sidewalk, stopping at the corner near a drain spout (but that's another rhyme). Spider crept beneath the spout and shouted '"here it is!" Tortoise shook his head and dropped out of the party because all he'd wanted to do was prove that sometimes slow and steady (and a little cunning) does win the race.
Hare moved aside some rocks and claimed the prize for himself. In addition to the usual treats, he found some other surprises that made it worth his while. After he retrieved his prize, he beat a hasty retreat down the street. (but you needn't follow-I'm sure you can't catch up.) THE END
*This box involves a business that is open Monday-Friday during regular hours. I do believe it could be done without-by skipping paragraph 4 (therby avoiding the business altogether), but that is up to you to try. The other business involved is open Tuesday-Saturday (closing Saturday at noon) This business doesn't have anything to do with solving the clue, but is necessary if you want to claim an extra prize I have left in the box. Again, that's up to you.
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