Eclipse Mining Town  LbNA # 37455

OwnerCaptain Kirk    
Placed DateJan 12 2008
LocationThe Plains, OH
Found By the ben_Gals
Last Found Jan 19 2009
Hike Distance?

Difficulty: Easy
Location: A ¼ mile round trip hike from parking.
Distance: 230 paces: 1 pace=2 steps or 1 giant step
Elevation: Paved and Flat... as a board!
Materials: Bring your own stamp pad, log book, stamp.

This box is hidden near "The Plains", a 'suburb' of the city of Athens, Ohio.

There are multiple starting points from along the HocHocking Adena bikepath, anywhere from Nelsonville 14 miles to Athens. However, your goal is at the 7 mile marker on the path, so do the following:

Start in beautiful downtown The Plains, a suburb of Athens along Route 682. Find the intersection of Route 682 and Johnson Road. Proceed East out of The Plains along Johnson Road a little less than a mile. The roadway dips a few times after passing Athens High School, and then begins a broad, improved curve to the left, curving to the north. On the right, you will see the Eclipse Mining Town sign, marking the gravel roadway down into the mining company town.
Follow this gravel road 1/8 mile to the end, where the company store is located, and the people gather on benches and picnic tables for concerts and events. This is the point where the bikepath (a former railroad line) passes by, and is marked by a kiosk.

[Watch for the next intersection east of the Route 682, The Plains interchange. The intersection is very near to two large water towers on the North side of the road. However, you will exit to the south on Johnson Road, and pass the Messenger Newspaper driveway. Follow the roadway as it curves to the left about .2 mile from the highway. Watch for the Eclipse Mining Town sign on your left. Turn carefully to avoid traffic. Both this intersection and the intersection of Route 33 and Johnson Road have been the site of many fatal crashes. Use extreme caution when turning.]

To find the LB:If you walk south, to the right, 230 paces, you'll come to the 7 mile marker, a stake on the East (river) side of the path. Look for the closest tree to the marker stake. At the base of this tree, under some sticks and bark should be the object of your quest... a camo wrapped tubberware tub. If it is not in front of this tree, look to the other tree along side it.

NOTE: The 7 mile marker falls nearby, but not exactly at Eclipse. It is just a little to the south, the direction that runs in front of the former company store. Feel free to stroll a little bit to find it along side the path. As of May 31st, 2009, the remodling of the company store into an attraction has started nicely, but each the mining town cabin houses a different business interest. It's a lovely walk. Here are some links: (PS: On their map, the LB would be 'behind' the two bicycles a bit...)

Bring a stamp pad and your logbook, and your own stamp. You could retrace your steps to reach a bench or other location with the stamp, or just do your log business right there. Please reseal the baggies and return all content back into the letter box, closing it for the next person, and carefully concealing.

If the logbook is full, please contact the name on the front cover to advise. Enjoy!