Teen Girl Squad  LbNA # 37460

OwnerIndigo Vulture    
Placed DateNov 2 2007
LocationMifflinburg, PA
Found By daizy girlz
Last Found Jun 25 2009
Hike Distance?

Teen Girl Squad is a recurring feature on the Homestar Runner website. It's the story of four high school girls.

Head to R. B. Winter State Park to find these poor unfortunate girls. R. B. Winter is located on PA Route 192, about 18 miles west of Lewisburg. It's a wonderful park with old growth forests and beautiful views. You'll get to see these features in this journey. The hike is about three miles, I think, and there is a very steep portion.

Start at the parking lot of the park office, on Rt. 192.


* From the parking lot, carefully cross Rt. 192, and follow the short trail to Pavilion 3.

* Just past the pavilion, sight white blazes. Start following the white-blazed Rapid Run Nature Trail, heading northwest.

* Soon you'll cross a stone bridge. Now you're in the Rapid Run Natural Area.

* You'll soon see a sign that describes this lovely old growth area.

* From the sign, head 23 paces due east to a tall tree with a little tree right in front of it.

* Thence, 14 paces at 55* to another tree. Suspicious Pile of Rocks (SPOR) behind the tree.

* Please rehide well.

So and So!

* Return to the sign. Continue on the trail, heading southeast.

* Enjoy this incredible forest. Continue until you see the trail junction with the Overlook Trail.

* From the sign at the junction, walk 34 paces at 135* to a small mound among four trees.

* Look on the west side of the westmost tree.

* Please rehide well.

What's Her Face!

* Return to the sign. Now head northeast on the Overlook Trail.

* Carefully cross Sand Mountain Road, and continue up the Overlook Trail.

* At the third switchback, stop.

* There's a huge rock off trail in front of you at 245*, and a tree with a bulbous base beyond the rock.

* Very carefully, walk to the tree, and look in the base.

* Please walk carefully. These rocks can be slippery.

* Please rehide well.

The Ugly One!

* Continue up to the overlook. Enjoy the view.

* Turn right onto McCall Dam Road. Walk just a bit on the side of the road, to a pull-off on your right.

* There, follow the Overlook Trail again for a very short while.

* Stop at a red-blazed triple-tree on the right.

* From that tree, 8 paces at 350* to the crook of a 4-tree.

* Please rehide well.