What a Little Stinker, Dairy Barn Farm Series #10,  LbNA # 37476 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJan 7 2007
LocationGreenville, OH
Planted ByMah Jongg Queen    
Found By Giggles~Ohio
Last Found Sep 9 2012
Hike Distance?

THERE ARE 3 BOXES in this cemetery, but the letterbox name entry would not take the third.When you come to Greenville, find the traffic circle in downtown Greenville, and from there follow North Broadway to a 3 way intersection. Take the left choice, which is N. Main St. and follow N. Main two blocks to the stop sign. Do not turn, but continue to West St. and the main entrance and office of Greenville Cemetery. I am giving these clues as if you are driving through the cemetery. It is a very interesting place, but it was very wet when I was there. I didn't see any parking places and didn't want to put deep tracks in the grass. It would be more fun to follow the driving directions on foot. Enter the cemetery at this entrance and turn right at the first drive and drive past the mausoleum until the drive turns to the west, and you follow the drive. At the next corner notice the two large cedar trees. Find the marker of Joseph Spencer at the roots of one of these cedar trees. Look for a little stinker hiding at the base of that tree. Drive on past Joseph Spencer, past the large St. Clair-VanDyke monument on the left. Just past the large Henne monument, three rows behind the Henne stone, you will see Mr. and Mrs. Martin flanked by 2 green bushes. Farmer Ray has a Dairy Barn in his bush. Follow the curve to the left until you see a tree with a 2-11 red tag. Turn right and then turn right again at the tree with the 20-11 red tag. Follow that drive until you pass the Rhoades family on the left and see Schultz at the next intersection. Take the curve to the far right and stay right between tree tags 21-2 and 19-8. Turn right at the T intersection and continue straight between Keck on the left and Henne on the right. Continue until you come to a T and then proceed left and stop almost immediately. You will see the McWhinney monument, and that is where the Angel of the Day abides.