Wintergreen Brook  LbNA # 37506

Placed DateJan 10 2008
CountyNew Haven
LocationNew Haven, CT
Planted Byrebeccah    
Found By mattyfungos
Last Found May 29 2015
Hike Distance?

Begin at the parking lot for the West Rock Nature Center, located at 1080 Wintergreen Ave, in New Haven, CT. Park in the lot at the bottom of the hill, as the lot at the top of the driveway is not always open. If you are familiar with West Rock Park, you could also hike to this spot from the red trail.

From your car, walk to the top of the driveway and go right, across the big grassy field, to the clearly marked “Huff Puff Hill.”

Go down the Huff Puff Hill steps. As you go down, you will pass some picnic tables on your left. If you look carefully past the tables, you will see the rusty, blu/green remnants of an old rope-tow, once used to tow sledders and skiers back up the nearby hill.

At the bottom of the Huff Puff Hill steps, you will cross a trail that runs both right and left. It is worth exploring, as it leads past the ruins of old animal pens, where the Nature Center once housed a menagerie of native and exotic wildlife. To the right is a little-used amphitheater and huge stone fireplace!

However, to find the letterbox, continue straight across the path at the bottom of the steps and go down the next set of steps. They are steeply sloping, slippery, and flanked by orange plastic fencing.

When you reach the bottom, go straight until you intersect the small trail that runs along the stream (Wintergreen Brook). Turn left and follow the windy path along the stream, passing several painted signs that interpret the plants, geology, and other features of the trail.

Shortly, you will cross a small footbridge. Continue to the next painted sign (about dead trees) and look off to your right (towards Wintergreen Brook). You will see two large 3 sister trees.

Find the letterbox in the 3 sister tree closest to the brook, in a hollow on the side of the tree facing the water. It is resting under moss!

Retrace your steps to your car, or explore further on the trails. Back at your car, it is worth a short side-trip to see Wintergreen Falls. From the parking lot at the bottom of the driveway, enter any of the obvious but unofficial trails that begin just past the wooden guard rail. They all go to the same place, downhill and downstream to an overlook by Wintergreen Falls. Seasonally, this can become a roaring, rushing waterfall or a tiny trickle.