Rocky Cliff  LbNA # 37526

OwnerRocky Cliff    
Placed DateJan 11 2008
LocationFort Lauderdale, FL
Found By Front Range Hiker
Last Found Jan 26 2008
Hike Distance?

11/17/08: UPDATE: letterbox will not be least not is South Florida. We might appear elsewhere!
Venture out to George English Park at the corner of Sunrise Blvd and Bayview Drive. At this corner, you will be about 1 mile from the beach. The letterbox is in this Park.
This poetic riddle will lead you to your journey's end:

If you know how to count till 7,
this letterbox shall be easy to find;
Just make sure you leave the letterbox,
exactly the same when you leave it behind.
You'll only need to know the difference,
between rocks, water, and trees;
And you need not care, if your hair gets tussled in the breeze.
Count the tennis courts till you get to 7 but no more,
then look for the yellow line in front of the fence's door.
Face due South, and water you shall see;
Walk about 50 paces, and you will find yourself at a tree.
This tree has names and hearts, carved all over its bark,
Just like thousands of other trees in thousands of other parks.
Now walk about 10 small steps, still walking due South;
and the rocks at your feet are what these clues are all about.
Look under the big rocks, nearest to the grass, hopefully the tide didn't wash the letterbox away, with all the floating trash. Good luck & Have fun!