Clark Kerr #4 (Baseball Field) [Sorry. This one's  LbNA # 37535 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJan 12 2008
LocationBerkeley, CA
Planted ByBerkeley Family    
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This is the last of the four boxes we placed at Clark Kerr Campus. If you exit the soccer field at the north end (the turnstile *will* turn if you push really hard), follow the path down to the second set of stairs, then down the stairs, back across Sports Lane, and make your way down to the baseball field. This field is great for flying your remote control gadgets, and while we were placing this box there was a man there flying a really cool RC helicopter! At other times, I've seen the CAL archery team practicing here (maybe avoid this field when they have their arrows drawn...) Keep going across the field to the fence near third base. Do you see a door in the fence? It's usually open. Walk through the door, turn left and look down. Our box is hidden under the ivy. If you have extra time, don't forget to check out the Pool at Clark Kerr, too. There's so much to do here, I hope we've given you a good tour of a very special part of Berkeley! Cheers!