Ms Spider  LbNA # 37536 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJan 10 2008
LocationSpartanburg, SC
Planted ByM5 family    
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Hatcher Gardens is a beautiful nature and wildlife reserve right smack in the middle of the Westside. Hidden within this natural habitat, you'll find our friend, Ms. Spider. At the entrance to the gardens, you'll begin on the paved path, cross over wooden bridge, and follow path to the left. Cross over "Corrie's Bridge" pausing for a moment to enjoy the waterfall. Follow the footpath until you reach a large wooden resting spot. As you face the platform, look across the way to the left. There you'll see a stone walled ampitheater used for educational purposes. Your goal is to make your way to this ampitheater, there are several paths that will lead you there, depending on how adventuresome you are. (Please note that you may cross over the line that ends Hatcher Gardens property, so proceed with respect for private property, it will cross back over shortly to Hathcer Gardens again, ampitheatre is on their property). When you arrive at the ampitheatre, you should stand facing the seats. As you are looking at the seats, climb to the top row, go to the very far right to the end of the row. There you'll find a small row of bushes with a small tree in the center of them, it's trunk is still fairly small and thin, but it stands about 15 feet tall. At the base of the tree, you'll find the spider you seek!
1 of 2 boxes, see Ms. Spiders home for next clue, which begins where this one ends!

*I've discovered the l/b is missing, we will try to replant this fall when the weather cools! 9-08