The Riverport  LbNA # 37559 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerMitchel & Tami    
Placed DateJan 14 2008
LocationJefferson, TX
Found By For A Lifetime
Last Found May 4 2008
Hike Distance?

This letterbox is missing, but will VERY SOON be resurrected! Stay tuned for more info, because the clues may change slightly (although not the overall location).

The quaint, bed & breakfast community of Jefferson, Texas, was once a bustling riverport. In fact, it was the endpoint of a trade route that started in New Orleans during the 1800s. Everything shipped into Texas by steamship during the 1800s came either into Jefferson (in the northeastern part of the state), or Galveston (in the southern part of the state).

This letterbox honoring the city's riverport heritage is located in one of the city's larger parks. Decades ago, it was the site of the town's high school. Decades before that, when the river trade was at its peak, it was an open-air market. Ready to find the Riverport Letterbox? Let's go...

1. Locate the park that roars on Jefferson Street.

2. The entrance to the park is on Jefferson Street - you will see the wooden sign. Park your car, and walk south into the park.

3. Look around and find the only six-sided structure, and walk to it, then stand in the middle.

4. Face the large, two-story white house. Turn 45 degrees to the right, and you will be facing another white structure, this one rectangular.

5. Walk to that structure, and sit on the bench in the middle.

6. Look over your left shoulder and you will see an old sidewalk leading to steps going down to the street. Follow the walk, and sit on the top step, as far to the right as possible.

7. Look underneath the step, and you will see a large chunk of concrete. Move it aside, and the letterbox is behind it. Be sure to put it back when you're through, and place the concrete rock back in place.