Bucky Pioneer  LbNA # 37563

OwnerWisconsin Hiker      
Placed DateJan 12 2008
LocationWauwatosa, WI
Found By Sunny Side Up
Last Found Nov 8 2010
Hike Distance1 mi
Last EditedMay 15 2016

Last found/checked: 12-JAN-08

Location: First stop: Our high school alma mater at 6415 West Mount Vernon, Milwaukee. Second stop: A nearby park.

Hiking time: ~30-45 minutes roundtrip Distance: Less than 1 mile

Terrain: Grass, dirt and paved trails including hills & stairs, off-trail in woods to retrieve box.

Martini Man & I met and started dating while we were in high school (a long, long time ago!). Our school closed its doors in 2006 due to declining enrollment, but the building is still there. The school mascot was Bucky Pioneer. When we were in school there was a mosaic of Bucky in the floor near the main entrance and the tradition was to never walk on the mosaic. According to the school, Bucky was supposed to typify the image and character of the school: Bucky has the vigor and enthusiasm of a pioneer citizen who says with firmness, 的値l try, I値l do, I値l succeed. I値l blaze a path and set a pace for others to follow. (Come to think of it, that could be a letterboxing mantra )

I created this box in memory of our high school days. In order to find it, you値l first need to visit the school. When there, take note of the following:

A= _______ Year school was built

B= _______ # of spirals in grid above main door

C= _______ # of owls above all doors

D= _______ # of adjacent fire station (When we were in school a mausoleum was located here!)

Yes, since this is a school box, you must remember your basic math classes to complete the clues! (Don稚 worry, these are not 溺athman calculations)

Next drive north on 64th Street to the street named after a place to get water. Turn left and watch on your right for a sign that encourages you to understand and enjoy nature. (During our high school days, this park was used for a variety of activities.) Park here and head northwest across the grass to enter a trail into a small ravine. Pass a rock pool and then read about some invaders, noting the following:

E= _______ Lowest Buckthorn height range

F= _______ Highest Buckthorn height range

G= _______ Lowest Honeysuckle height range

H= _______ Highest of Honeysuckle height range

Continue to triangle and take a right. Find a sign with this info:

I= _______ Low # of Swamp Buttercup petals

J= _______ High # of Swamp Buttercup petals

Head to the flag pole to do your homework.

K= C*J

L= (E+G)*C

M= (F*I)+((last digit of A)*D))

N= A/C

P= (E+H)*(G+I+J)

Q= B+E

Take the path at K degrees. At the fork, take the path at L degrees. Continue along and veer right at the obvious spot. Ascend and at the top take the path at M degrees. At the intersection, choose the path at N degrees. Before ascending again, stop at the light post and take a bearing of P degrees. Walk Q steps and look in the hole at the midpoint to find the intrepid pioneer.

The logbook contains a few school photos and songs. Please reseal, replace and rehide everything carefully so this box doesn稚 become defunct like our high school.

To finish your journey, ascend, descend and turn right. Be a pioneer and follow Wisconsin痴 state motto to find your vehicle.Status reports would be greatly appreciated!