Milwaukee Landmarks - Church MAY BE MISSING  LbNA # 37565

OwnerWisconsin Hiker      
Placed DateJan 12 2008
LocationWauwatosa, WI
Found By The Dragon
Last Found May 29 2010
Hike Distance1 mi
Last EditedMay 15 2016

Last found/checked: 12-JUL-08

Location: First stop: The church that a famous Wisconsin architect designed (although some think it looks like a UFO). Second stop: A nearby park.

Hiking time: ~30 minutes roundtrip

Distance: Less than 1 mile Terrain: Grass and paved trails, off-trail in woods to retrieve box.

I’m hoping to do a series of boxes featuring some Milwaukee landmarks. This is the first box; others will be planted throughout the year.

To start your pilgrimage, visit this unique church and note the following:

A= _______ # of door panels on main entrance

B= _______ # angels above door

C= _______ # of crosses around the top of the church

D= _______ # of arched openings in the roof

Next continue your pilgrimage by driving north on 92nd Street until you reach a stoplight. Turn left and drive 1.25 miles to a major road that has several names. Turn left again and in less than .5 miles you’ll see a small park on your right. Park near the playground and do your math:

E= (A+C+1)*(B*10)

F= (A*C*10)+6

G= (A-1)*(10*C*B)+30

H= D/B

Continue by heading toward the restrooms. As you pass them, you should notice a grassy opening continuing straight ahead. Take this until you reach a paved “T”. Take the path at E degrees. Pass a waterway and continue until you reach a triple-trunk near the path on your left. From this point, take F steps along the path. Stop; take a bearing of G degrees, and head in this direction for H steps. The holy landmark has landed under the far end of the forked fallen one. Be careful since there is a crown of thorns embedded in the bark.

Please reseal, replace and rehide everything carefully so this box is available for future visitors. Status reports would be greatly appreciated!