Gunpowder trail  LbNA # 37578

Placed DateDec 24 2007
LocationHereford, MD
Planted Bytravelinders    
Found By Misirae
Last Found Nov 14 2010
Hike Distance?

This letterbox can be found along the Gunpowder River in Northern Baltimore County.
From Interstat 83,take the Hereford & Mt. Carmel Rd. exit. Go east on Mt. Carmel Rd and then make a left onto York Rd. heading north.
Pass the Hereford High School and go about another mile.
There is parking on both sides of the road right next to the Gunpowder River. Park here and head down to the grassy area next to the river.
On the right side of the grassy area find the trailhead for the Gunpowder South Trail.
It is about a .7 mile moderately strenuous hike to the letterbox from this point.
Follow the white blazes on the Gunpowder South Trail. The trail will leave the riverside for a while and then, after a downhill stretch you return to the riverside.
Continue to follow the white trailblazes.
Soon after you return to the riverside you will see a tall skinny tree arched over the trail.
At this point you will also notice that the river makes a sharp bend, so you know you are in the right spot.
From the arched tree, go 10 paces on the trail and turn right.
Walk up to the big, moss covered rock.
You will find our letterbox where the big rock, the smaller rock and the tree meet. It is covered up with a flat rock.

After you find the letterbox you have a few options for your return journey. First, you could return the way you came. Second, for a short 1 mile hike you can take this trail to the Sandy Lane trail and follow the pink trail blazes for about 0.3 miles. At this point you can veer off to your right and follow the Panther Branch Trail (blue blazes) back to the parking area. Finally, for a longer hike (another 3 miles) you can continue on the Gunpowder South Trail until it meets up directly with the Panther Branch Trail and take that back to the parking area.
Have fun!