Deba-Bocho Eel  LbNA # 37581

Placed DateJan 15 2008
LocationAustin, TX
Found By pikastar
Last Found Nov 28 2014
Hike Distance?

Take the only road in Austin that has 4 consecutive digits all of the same value NW of Tango Hotel Romeo Echo Echo Sierra India X-Ray Tango Yankee.
Romeo India Victor Echo Romeo Papa Lima Alfa Charlie Echo Bravo Lima Victor Delta.
Izquierda onto
Bravo India Golf Victor India Echo Whiskey Romeo Delta.

Follow through faux-agrestic-like neighborhood and take in the road’s namesake on the way. To the right will be a couple stops with benches to take it in. Do this if during daylight.
At the bottom, where Venus & Serena might be, park and read of the area’s woodlands park and nature preserve on a plaque.

*Directions from this point on are changed momentarily because there's construction and I had to re-hide it.

Go to the men's restroom. If you were just coming out of it, turn to your left and walk around the corner on the balcony. You will see a locked green door. straight out from the door and underneath the walkway is the box. It lays right beneath where the faux-wood ends, and the cement begins.

These are the original directions:

Go to the south most corner of the pavilion’s deck and walk down hill at 150°. Derecha under something that brings worlds together. A rock wall will scoff at you on your left, confidently walk past it. Turn to 195° and find the subtle pathway that begins between two large trees. To your right, the tree stands tall and resolute. To your left, the tree appears to be surrendering to the creek bed. From between these two arbors, take 19 steps at 195° or SXSW along the path. Now turn to 280° and take 1 past a baker’s dozen steps. If the wooden pylon you now find yourself at were a compass, find 110° on its circumference. Surrender your hand awkwardly deep to the totem’s talons.