Bigfoots box  LbNA # 37589

Placed DateJan 16 2008
LocationHendersonville, NC
Found ByBobbycfwc (Attempted)
Last UpdateApr 4 2009
Hike Distance?

Bigfoots box

Start at Laurel Green park in laurel park. At the parking lot take a turn on the left path near the sign that says Laurel Green park. Walk to the water fountain and with your back facing the water fountain you will see a big pine tree. Walk to it.Next look around for a gazebo and as your walking towards it look around for a big rock near a birdbath.Now with your back facing the rock you will see a tree in a triangle shaped mulch patch then walk to it.
Look at the triangle angle nearest to the bird bath and you'll see a rock on the other side of the pond, go to it.
At the rock you will see a bunch of bush and bramble. Stand on the rock and looking at the playground. Look to your left and you will find your surprise in the bramble.