Wire Buffalo at Wazoo Train Station  LbNA # 37603

OwnerCaptain Kirk    
Placed DateJan 23 2008
LocationAthens, OH
Found By GC Tandem
Last Found Jul 3 2010
Hike Distance?

Formerly "Wire Anteater":

Difficulty: Easy
Location: A .01 mile hike from parking.
Elevation: Flat, but not a challenge to a wheelchair.
Materials: Bring your own stamp pad, log book, stamp.
Challenge: Spotting the right surface location from the marker.

This box is hidden in a remote area near the city of Athens, Ohio.

There are multiple starting points from along the HocHocking Adena bikepath, anywhere from Nelsonville 16 miles to Athens. However, your goal is at 5.5 mile marker on the path, so approach from any of three directions, but then do the following (*) when you reach the location of the bikepath intersection:

Start at the intersection of Ohio Route 56 and Route 682. Proceed north .2 of a mile and watch for a roadway labled "Armatage Road" to the right. Take this roadway 2.0 miles to the end. You will cross the railroad track twice in the first half mile or so. Stop when this roadway crosses the railroad track a third time.

This general area along Armatage Road is under development by Ohio University Estates, but that's a story for another time. Don't be mislead by the newer, wider gravel roadways being created off from Armatage. Armatage is not more than a one lane paved access road at this point, that passes by a local radio station tower on the right. You'll know to turn right, down to the bikepath crossing when you spot a post office address on Armatage road of "10000". (No kidding...ten thousand!) When you see "9986" slow down, it's near.

Park off to the side of the road, but do NOT block the tracks. This rail line is still in use.

Nearby is the commercial bike rental location, Wazoo Bike Rentals. http://www.seorf.ohiou.edu/~xx088/rental/rental.html
It may look a little junkie when not open, but it services the bike path.

(*)On foot, you will start at the small information kisok or picnic table shelter. Look to the west, behind the boxcars. You'll see the most unusual brown animal there in the field. It is on private property. You may want to take a photo, as it's the most unusual ox or buffalo you'll ever see.

Instead, pick up the bikepath at the point where it crosses Armatage Road (just to the north.) As the paved path begins to depart this area into the wilds, look for the mile marker 5.5 to the lower right side alongside the path, only a few yards north of the intersection. The mile marker stake should read 5.5

Examine the area in the brush immediately adjacent to the mile marker stake. There's a large trunk tree closest to this stake. In front of this tree,( possibly under a shattered piece of drainage tile,) is where you will find the object of your quest... a camo wrapped jar.

Bring a stamp pad and your logbook, and your own stamp to this location. Move back to the picnic table bench if you like. Watch for traffic on the bikepath from both directions. Please reseal the baggies and return all contents back into the letter box, closing it for the next person.

If the logbook is full, please contact the name in the front cover to advise. And drop us a line if you have other ideas for the bikepath. Enjoy!