A Learning Adventure  LbNA # 37651

Placed DateJan 20 2008
Location???, DE
Found By ???
Last Found Nov 23 2012
Hike Distance?

We set out from the centre of our ecologically-friendly village in search of a learning adventure.

When we encountered a bear, we ran – right into a giant tortoise. We kept running, tripping over a picnic bench before going around the bend and up the hill into a den of foxes.

They did not seem to mind us, and we slowed, hiking cautiously until we reached a classroom in the woods, where the teacher signaled us to stop.

We took that trail. When it split, some of us went left and some went straight but it did not matter, as we rejoined further down the hill.

At the top of the railing, we noticed two old fence posts at 135 degrees and went over to investigate. That’s when we saw the root ball beneath the intersection of two fallen trees.

Hiding in the root ball we found a baby Parasaurolophus walkeri, a dinosaur that roamed North America about 76 million years ago. This one would grow to several times the size of an adult human but, fortunately for us, is an herbivore.

We looked carefully at the Parasaurolophus, then put it back exactly as we had found it and returned to our school.