Sno's Friend  LbNA # 37661

OwnerLindsays Snowman    
Placed DateJan 21 2008
LocationMariemont, OH
Found By erica the elf
Last Found Nov 2 2011
Hike Distance?

Dogwood Park is located in Mariemont, Ohio a village on the east side of Cincinnati. You can drive to Mariemont by either following Highway 50 (Columbia Parkway) east from downtown Cincinnati for about 10 miles or by taking I71 south to the Red Bank Blvd exit, exit and continue until you have a choice of going east on Highway 50 (Columbia Parkway) toward Milford or west to Cincinnati; go east and follow Columbia Parkway until you get to Mariemont.

You will know that you have entered the Village of Mariemont because of the sign in the middle divider (and the fact that there is a middle grassy divider). Turn right on Pleasant Street immediately following the woody area on your right. Park in one of the two parking areas on Pleasant Street.

Dogwood Park is notable because of its bell tower, playground and ball fields.

The carillon was completed in 1929 and was constructed in the memory of Mary Emery, the person responsible for the planning and creation of the Village of Mariemont. The tower is 100 feet tall and is simplistic Gothic in style. Originally the tower had 23 bronze bells ranging in weight from 19 pounds to 2.5 tons (this one is five feet tall) that were cast in Croydon, England. On the face of the largest bell is the following inscription – “Dedicated to the youth of Mariemont, in memory of its founder, my beloved sister, Mary Muhlenberg Emery, AD 1929 – Isabella F. Hopkins.” In 1969, 26 more bells were added for a total of 49 bells. Carillon concerts are held every Sunday year round (at 4pm during the winter months and at 7 pm during the summer).

When my daughter was younger, we visited this park almost every day. And later this became the playground for her pet dog, Kelly (Sno’s Friend).


After parking on Pleasant Street, walk to the Bell Tower and admire the wrought iron fence with the initials of Mary Emery.

Walk to the left side of the bell tower and toward the left field of the far baseball field. Walk on the baseball field side of the chain link fence to the white left field foul post. From this point, walk along the fence 11 paces to a double gate in the chain link fence. Go through the gate and follow the path into the woods. As you go down the hill you should see Whiskey Creek down below on your right. Go down 23 wooden steps. Immediately after this, there is a small tributary going down to the creek. You must cross this, but be careful since the path has caved in a bit. Crossing a bit up the hill is much safer. Continue down path alittle ways until you see a large tree on the left with lots of graffiti and roots going into the ground. The tree is about 5 paces off the trail and the words “Andy H” and “Cool J” should be noticeable below a crude figure of a nude woman!!! Obviously, this tree is interesting. Sno’s Friend is hidden at the base on the tree in the folds of the roots on the left side.

If you see near the path an interesting cylindrical cement tool, you have gone a bit too far!!

Please hide well and put leaves and tree branches over the letterbox to keep hidden from human and non-human curious creatures!!