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Always Aspiring  LbNA # 37663

Placed DateJan 21 2008
CountySan Diego
LocationFallbrook, CA
Planted ByNo. 5    
Found By kmazzacano
Last Found Mar 24 2009
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Los Jilgueros Preserve
Acquired in 1990, the Los Jilgueros Preserve is a 46 acre preserve just north of Fallbrook High School on the east side of Mission Road. Los Jilgueros (pronounced "heel-gyer-os") is Spanish for "linnet" or house finch. The Preserve is open to the public for jogging, dog walking, or just relaxing.

The preserve has a stream, two ponds, a 1.5 mile level loop trail, 400 newly planted native oaks, sycamores and alders, and a demonstration garden. The name comes from an 1889 map identifying the stream as "Arroyo de los Jilgueros".

There are three entrances to the Preserve,the northern entrance is provided by a 6' easement parallel to the Fallbrook Village Condos from Peppertree Lane. The other entrances are from S. Mission Road. The north entrance is about halfway between Rockycrest Road, the entrance to the museums, and the entrance to the Airpark. This entrance is marked by a sign, but has only limited parking parallel to Mission Road. The south entrance is immediately north of the new construction for the Peppertree Homes, which leads to a parking area.

The Preserve was the farm of Arthur Anthony in the 1920s, who constructed the small dams along the stream to store water for irrigation. In 1990, the Fallbrook Real Estate Company donated the land to the Conservancy.

The ponds dry up during the summer. One is at the northeast corner, just to the northeast of the trail. The other pond is to the south, west of the east branch of the trail.

The north part of the preserve contains a bronze sculpture of an eagle on an 8' pole, titled "Always Aspiring", which commemorates the memory of Pamela Van Der Linden, the owner of the Fallbrook Real Estate Company. Just to the west is a firescape demonstration garden containing over 100 types of fire and drought resistant plants, with many plants identified by labels.

From the southern entrance off of Mission Road, enter the parking area to the left. Parking is free, but the gate is locked at dusk. After you park, head to the western end of the parking area to find the trailhead. Take the path down a little ways till you come to a wooden walkway on your left. Take this walkway/bridge till it ends and follow the path to the right, parallell to Mission Rd. After about 5 minutes, you will come to a dogleg turn to the right followed by a fork. Take the path to the left under the trees past the cool circular dam. Just over the small bridge is a post that reads: "Let peace prevail on the earth" in four languages. From the post, on a heading due north, is a bronze sculpture in the shape of a spiral. Either cross the meadow or follow the path either direction (it is a loop)around to the sculpture. The box is hidden under the rock with a memorial plaque on it. after stamping, be sure to head over the the firescape garden and then continue around the water back to your car.