Hollow Log Letterbox  LbNA # 37697

Placed DateNov 28 2008
LocationNapa, CA
Planted ByCrazy Catz    
Found By Mountain Beaches
Last Found Jul 25 2012
Hike Distance?

Message in the hollow log...

This letterbox lives on the west edge of town, in a park with vineyards, where trails abound;

Find the south lot and head up to the bench and trees,
Take the "middle" path north...the walk is a breeze;

You'll find a walk rock wall and a bulletin board structure,
You'll have to leave the path at this particular juncture;

Beyond is a tall, pointy hallowed-out stump, and near it, logs on the ground with humps;

Go to the westernmost tip of the logs and look, into the side that faces North, a hollowed out nook;

Under some rocks in the nook you will find,
a letterbox hiding of a "Crazy Cat" kind.

Happy Letterboxing, and be discreet!!

With peace and joy,

The Crazy Catz