Chimney Log at Hug Point  LbNA # 37724

Placed DateJan 27 2008
LocationCannon Beach, OR
Planted Bybeachclan    
Found By Chardfamily
Last Found Jul 17 2015
Hike Distance?

This letterbox has been placed by our children. We've been playing letterboxing for two years and we love it! This is the first letterbox that we have planted. We hope you enjoy this area, as much as we have since we've lived here.
Clues: This letterbox may only be retrieved during low tide. From the time you park, it requires a total time hike of about 15 minutes. Drive south on Hwy. 101 for about 4 miles from the south end of Cannon Beach. You will then see a sign that reads Hug Point. This is a beautiful beach! Pull in the parking lot and walk down to the beach. To the north end of the beach you will see a rock point that stretches out into the ocean. You can only go around it when the tide allows it. After you go around it, you will see a beautiful waterfall. Climb up the waterfall from the access on the right. Once on top, walk up the creek for about 60 steps. Until you see a large rock and a medium rock in the middle of the creek. To the right of it, you will se what it looks like it could be a trail. Stand at the beginning of it, just on the shore of the creek and look up the hill side to your right. At about 4 or 5 yards up the hill you will see an old, chimney-looking log. Climb carefully up the hill (be careful not to cause too much erosion) to the base of this log and you will find what you've been looking for.
Enjoy the hike!