Goose Creek  LbNA # 37737

OwnerSilver Eagle      
Placed DateJan 28 2008
LocationBaytown, TX
Found By lookingforalaska
Last Found May 20 2012
Hike Distance?

Terrain Difficulty: Easy (flat, 300 yards RT)
Recommended Ink: black & blue
Status: alive, wet log

The city now known as Baytown was originally three separate towns. The first of these was Goose Creek, established before 1850 and named for the creek of the same name where Canadian Geese wintered. This was followed by the rival communities of Pelly in the late 1910s, and East Baytown in the early 1920s. The "East" in East Baytown was later dropped because it was west of Goose Creek. Serious talk of merging the three cities began shortly after World War I, but the community of Baytown was opposed to this idea. However, in 1947, the three cities finally agreed to consolidate. The citizens settled on the name Baytown for the new combined city. Baytown as it is known today was officially founded January 24, 1948. Though the town is primarily industrial, it has several nice parks, including Bayland Park at the termination of the Goose Creek Greenbelt, where this microbox resides.

From Hwy 225 heading east, exit onto Hwy 146 north to Baytown and go over the Hartman Bridge. Exit onto Hwy 146 BR toward Water Front District. At the first light, turn right into Bayland Park, then quick left into the boat ramp parking lot. Park near the entrance.

Walk to the bike path near the parking lot entrance next to the oil derrick. Go left (south) for about 100 yards to a jct with a smaller concrete path on the left. Turn left (east) on this path and walk 26 concrete squares to where the path starts curving right. Look right for 2 small trees next to each other with a small path into the woods just to the right of them. Walk into the woods about 5 steps from the trees and look left for a small pine tree with another tree curving behind it. The microbox is hanging on this curving tree behind the pine tree about 5 feet high. There is a gazebo a little further on the cement path if you want to stamp in there. Please replace as described.