copper  LbNA # 37751

Placed DateJan 27 2008
Locationindianola, WA
Found By Kent and Jolyn
Last Found Jul 13 2011
Hike Distance?

You can find this letterbox when you find a road named millerbay,turn onto indianola road and travel a mile. When you come to gerald cliff you will need to park at left across from the water shed.
Find a group of rocks as you walk up the dirt road,do not go far ,the trail is on your left.
As you are walking down the trail you will vere left on the first of a few turns.
After a bit you will take the right hand turn.
By now you will have passed an old seventys garbbage dump site,you may have seen it on your way to were you are now.
It is mentioned because it is one of many i have found in these woods in past months ,I have found many interesting treasures ,including a "1963"class ring ,old coke bottles and toys made in hong kong(not china).
You have walked maybe a quarter mile at this point.
Total distance might be 1.5 miles
The next fork in the path will be a left,hike a bit more and you will see two old major appliances on your left,you are headed in the right direction.
Climb little big hill,as you walk a bit more you will keep to your left.
Go down into woods ,then up into woods.
You are almost there.
At this point you will not know when the trail ends ,look out for a old nine foot tall tree stump on your right,get behind me (he might say)look at my heels,there,underneath that old bark ,what is that?