The Legend of Buck's Pond II: Manasua's Revenge  LbNA # 37757

Placed DateJan 30 2008
LocationMonticello, IL
Found ByJeorgie Girl
Last UpdateJun 15 2012
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The Legend of Buck's Pond II: Manasua's Revenge

April 10, 2013: Box inspected. Still in excellent condition and awaits your discovery. -MTCobra

This second letterbox in the Legend of Buck’s Pond series is called Manasua’s Revenge, and is dedicated to the white men who reburied her. You will recall from your experience with the first letterbox that Manasua was thought to have murdered the day-old twins born to Chesita, and was sentenced by the Lenni Lenape (Delaware Indians) to die by stoning. Thanks to Indian law and Chief Buck, that didn’t happen, but they both suffered banishment from the tribe.

When Manasua died in 1834, her husband, Buck, a former chief of the Kickapoo, buried her before moving to Indian territory with his son, Calish. In 1843, a band of Lenni Lenape found the grave and destroyed it, scattering Manasua’s bones on the hillside. It was later that Manasua got her revenge. White men found and reburied her remains and thus completed the Legend.

Buck’s Pond is a part of the Piatt County Forest Preserve, and the west side of Lodge Park. It is also referred to (and you’ll find it with as Bucks Pond Cemetery. It is a historical cemetery, although there is but one grave, marked by the stone over the final resting place of the once disgraced Delaware maiden, Manasua.


Follow the instructions for The Legend of Buck’s Pond Letterbox. If you have not logged in that box, do so, then return again to the stone on which the entire legend is written. Stand at the back of the stone facing away from it. Extend your right arm straight out in front of you, and extend your left arm straight out to your left. Turn your head so as to look in between your arms, halfway to the left, and you should spot a huge, straight, tall Oak tree approximately 9-10 paces away. (If you have a compass, it’s due west, or 270 degrees.) Behind that tree, on the ground, are old log pieces... sort of in the shape of the letter "T." At the junction of them, tucked away, you’ll find The Legend’s second letterbox. The stone itself was the inspiration for the accompanying rubber stamp.

By the way, if you look on-line at , you can see in the first picture of the stone, just to the right of it, a blur that may be the spirit of Manasua!

Additional Information (added December 1, 2009):

The Geocache, "The Two Maidens," placed within a foot of this letterbox in September, 2008, is missing. If you'd like more information on "the other treasure hunt" visit on the Internet.

Tips: Depending on the season (and remembering the general area is largely river bottom), I suggest long pants (poison ivy and stinging nettles) and mosquito repellant.