Greetings From the Sunshine State!  LbNA # 37761 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerWisconsin Hiker      
Placed DateJan 27 2008
LocationPewaukee, WI
Found By TJ_Mich
Last Found May 30 2010
Hike Distance1-2 mi
Last EditedMay 15 2016

Last found/checked: 27-JAN-08

Time: ~45 minutes

Terrain: Fairly level with some gentle hills. Wide, grassy (just guessing, since it was SNOWY when we were there) trail most of the time. Off trail to find box.

I received this box as a part of a prize package in the 2007 Great Lakes BINGO game. The box was created by Kilroy (who are Florida letterboxers that we had the pleasure of meeting in April 2006 while we were on vacation). I saved the box to hide this winter, because I knew we would really appreciate some Florida sunshine at this time of year!

To find the warming rays of sunshine, you must first solve a crossword puzzle. You can find the puzzle here:

You’ll need to use specific letters from the crossword puzzle to decipher the clues below.

Location: 12S-9N-13B-15P 7S-3H-5M-9L. Parking lot is on the 3T-11K-6E-16J side of Hwy 12T-14O, just 15J-8E-10P-3P-5K of Hwy 1U-10E.

Start in the small parking lot and take the path through the fence opening. Continue straight on the trail, ignoring a trail on the right. When you reach a “T”, head 13J-14H-2F-3N-6A to another 1P-5S-9E-9P-16H. Looking out to the 14N-13E-3J-3R-6H, you may be able to see the “13N-7C-14A-13G-5I”. At the next “T”, head 2O-7H-14O-12G. Pass another 12Q-8A-10G-3L-6J then walk straight ahead until you reach a “14Q-13I 8C-3F-5M-9P-10L” sign.

From the sign, 2T-1M-7E-3P-14H-13R-7Q-15A 14L-16J-15D-3A-4O-11I-5K-8Q 4C-4T-12N-12T for 65-70 steps 14P-11H-5J-1T 15L-11D-9R 11J-2B-13I-15H-12P until you reach a 14O-15G-14T-1N-3K-5T 2C-12L-2L-14E. The box hides in the 16M-7J-6E-15I 5S-14O 13H-9Q-9M 15J-8Q-4D-9A-1J-2D-4L-15E 5R-11J-2J-11P, 14R-4B-7F-7U-1L-14J-5O 9J-11L 7T 14N-2B-12N-9L 15H-5S-8A-7I.

Please reseal, replace and rehide everything carefully so this box is available for future visitors.

Return to the sign and continue on the trail heading right. Don’t go into the meadow, instead turn left into the trees and pass an old birdhouse. At an intersection, head left. Keep straight through a 4-way, pass a 11D-3F-12S-6E-5L sign and then head left. You’ll spot another 9Q-8E-3G-12P-13T. Just before you reach a huge oak, take a hairpin turn left. Cross through a treeline, then head right to return to the lot.

Status reports would be greatly appreciated!