Bradenton Labyrinth  LbNA # 37784 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerYa Ya Mommy    
Placed DateFeb 1 2008
LocationBradenton, FL
Found By country duo
Last Found Sep 14 2008
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Bradenton Labyrinth

There is a labyrinth in Bradenton at Unity Church in the Woods. It's a small labyrinth but maintained well, on grounds that are very peaceful despite being just blocks from busy Cortez Rd. Also on the grounds are a walking path around a small pond, and a big tree known as "Grandmother Oak".

Find your way to Unity Church in the Woods at 4200 32nd Street West. One parking lot serves several buildings. Follow the signs and the path to the 'Church'. Walk past the entrance to the church on your left, and the playground on your right. You'll see the entrance to the labyrinth ahead, marked by an arbor.

From the center of the labyrinth, Grandmother Oak stands at 11 o'clock; another grand Oak stands at 2 o'clock and that's where 'Bradenton Labyrinth' is hidden.

To get to the LB, exit the labyrinth and head for 'Grandmother Oak'. Walk to the right of Grandmother Oak into the clearing. Stay clear of the conservation area. The LB is NOT in the conservation area. Look again for the grand Oak you spotted from the center of the labyrinth. It's actually two separate trees (I think?) with a root running between them. The LB is located at the base of the second tree and is covered with moss.

Please be discreet and re-hide well. We'll see how this goes -- the staff is very friendly and helpful (muggles) and the grounds are well maintained. I hope it works out since I really enjoyed my time in the labyrinth and I hope you will too. Please let me know when you find the LB.