Robbins Crossing  LbNA # 37801

OwnerCaptain Kirk    
Placed DateFeb 16 2008
LocationNelsonville, OH
Found By lostnletart
Last Found May 18 2013
Hike Distance?
Last EditedOct 28 2015

Difficulty: Easy
Location: A short hike from parking.
Distance: Probably under 30 yards from parking lot
Elevation: Flat
Materials: Bring your own stamp pad, log book, stamp.

This box is hidden near "Robbins Crossing", at Hocking College, along Route 691 and US 33 nearest Nelsonville, at the Northern end of the bikepath.

There are multiple starting points from along the HocHocking Adena bikepath, anywhere from Nelsonville 16 miles to Athens. However, your goal is at the end of the path, so do the following:

Start in beautiful downtown Nelsonville, a community near Athens along US Route 33. Find the intersection of US 33 and Ohio Route 691, 1/2 mile east of Nelsonville. Proceed South along Route 691 a little less than a quarter mile to the entrance to Hocking College. Follow this .3 to the first left, next to the Early Development(Child Daycare) Center. Park in any lot you can, but beware, the college has restriction on parking. Your goal is where the bikepath crosses the road. Do not block either the roadway, rail line nor the bikepath traffic. LOCK YOUR CAR.

NOTE: The bikepath is on the former railroad bed. A active rail line continues from this point, further west past Robbins Crossing, which is a gathering of ten log cabins that were reconstructed here as a historical park. Check the link for more information on events held here:

(NOTE: This LB is exactly 3 miles East of Trailtracker's Hocking Valley Scenic Railway letterbox... but though the bikepath is very walkable, the rail line for the 3 miles will be awkward.)

[Watch for the intersection on the left of US 33 about 10 miles north of The Plains interchange, Route 682. There is a traffic light here. Use caution when turning.]

To find the LB: If you walk East, on the rail line you'll come to the terminus of the bike path. There is a kiosk for bikepath information here. Vehicular access to the bike path is blocked by three large wooden pilars set into the ground. Extending the line formed by these three posts to the south (bearing 250), find the trio of scrub trees that grow up from the same point, closest to completing that line. Behind and between these trees, under some sticks, leaves, and bark should be the object of your quest. Please reseal the camo jar well. WARNING: Beware of thorns, briers and burrs line this trail from the bikepath back to the 3-stem tree. Be very careful to avoid the burrs!

Bring a stamp pad and your logbook, and your own stamp. You could retrace your steps to reach a bench or other location with the stamp, or just do your log business right there. Please reseal the baggies and return all content back into the letter box, closing it for the next person, and carefully consealing.

If the logbook is full or if the LB is missing, please contact me to advise. Enjoy!