A Drumming of Woodpeckers  LbNA # 37805

OwnerTrekkin' and Birdin'    
Placed DateFeb 9 2008
CountyLa Crosse
LocationHolmen, WI
Found By (hidden)
Hike Distance?

This letterbox/geocache hybrid will take you on a hike along the Seven Bridges Road, an old road that pre-dates the automobile and displays the McGilvray Bridges, rare bowstring arch truss bridges. Though this road saw horse and buggy traffic back in the day, now it goes through the heart of the Van Loon Wildlife Area and is open only to two-footed travel now, plus their canine companions. There is much to see and appreciate in this area. The many dead trees make it a woodpecker's haven, with all seven commonly found woodpeckers in our region being seen here.

To find the start of your journey, take US Highway 53 to Amsterdam Prairie Road. Travel west on that road, about .4 miles past the curve with a sign for "Van Loon Parking." The lot is easy to miss, but you'll spot the main sign for the wildlife area if you've passed it. Park here and let your adventure begin!

In somewhat free verse, representing the drumming you'll hear as various woodpeckers tap away, here are your clues...

Hike rustic roads from days gone by,

Cross four historic bridges,

Stopping short of number five.

See the trail that wanders left

And passes many an old dead tree.

Stop to listen...What do I hear?

Pay attention and you may see....

Woodpeckers drumming

Marking their spot

Tapping out their tunes.

Then walk ninety paces along this trail

Stop your hike and you can't fail to see

A strong tall tree, with trunks of three

But twenty paces in.

Brave the brush, clear it away,

Searching deep within

Your work paid off, your search is through,

Your prize before you lay!

Please bring your own stamp pad and rehide this well, so the next searcher enjoys the search, and those who aren't looking can't find it. Thanks and have fun!

*UPDATE* 9/09/08 I checked the box and it's still in place. I'd advise wearing long pants until first frost; thick wood nettles on your way in. The trail is less distinct, but look for ATV tracks in the grass and a slightly more open area along the left side of the trail. It's about 175 steps back from the fifth bridge. Follow the directions in the free verse, looking for a tall V-shaped tree right on the edge of the trail's left side. Push your way in 20 paces here and you'll find the three trunked tree!