The Y.S. Pirate  LbNA # 37806

Placed DateFeb 3 2008
Location???, CT
Found By ???
Last Found Sep 26 2009
Hike Distance?


He really wanted to be a pirate , tried hard , but the yellow streak down his back [Y.S.] gave him so much trouble . He just did not fit in . The day of a big pirate gather came and he tried to fit in but they called his BLUFF .
Then he even sailed over the ocean in search of courage and landed in England , ready to try his luck there. But , again , he did not fit in .
Now , he sailed the ROCKY coast of CT. and used his spy glass . He dropped anchor off the coast and came ashore. Walking over the sand and up over a sort of bridge with no water underneath , he found a trail that matched his back .!! After awhile, he rested on a bench tree and using his spy glass he noticed a boat launch across the water way . It was at 300 degrees , Standing tall , he noticed at 60 degrees a post deep in the bushes . This looked interesting , so he crossed the trail and pushed into the woods to the post . It was an Orientation marker . He liked that because now he would never get lost . The trees and bushes reminded him of a jungle where he once was lost .

Walk along the stone ledge about 24 steps north . Find two small grey birch trees . Here in the rock cave , he finally FIT .