Top of the Rock Series  LbNA # 37825

OwnerPaw Paw and Granny    
Placed DateFeb 4 2008
LocationStone Mountain, GA
Found By GirlsRock-Troop10505
Last Found Apr 12 2013
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Top of the Rock Series
February 2008

The views from the backside of the “The Rock” have long been favorites for Granny and Paw Paw. We hope you will have time to sit and enjoy as you find this series. First, take the walk-up trail or the sky lift to the top of the mountain.

1. Guardian of the Rock
To begin, stand facing the city of Atlanta with your back to the sky lift building. Walk toward Atlanta until you find a gray/brown chain link fence. Follow the fence toward the back of the mountain behind the building. After you pass through a fence “hallway”, you will see a yellow cover on a wire. Enjoy the view of the Atlanta skyline on a clear day.
Count 5 fence posts past the yellow cover; then with your back to the 5th post, walk about 25 steps to location behind the little grove of trees behind the patio of the building. (Note: The location should be blocked from on-lookers on the patio by the pine trees; but, this is a very public place so look on the patio and all around to be sure you are not being watched – Thanks) On your left, spy a dead pine and a small cedar tree. Facing the cedar tree, under a rock ledge on the left is where the “Guardian of the Rock” lives.
Please reseal and rehide better than you found it. There is plenty of pine straw to cover the rock the box is behind.

2. The Hawk
This box has been planted in this location since July 2005. It was originally Hawk’s View. Since it has been such a highly visited box, we decided to add a series around it.
Continue to follow the fence toward the back of the mountain. Soon you will come to the intersection with the boundary fence. Here, if you look carefully you will see the golden arches of a Mickey D. To the left and just a little further, there is a cell phone tower with a flashing light. Granny and Paw Paw live about ˝ mile from the tower. We could see the Hawk’s hiding place from our mail box before the trees grew up.
Continue along the boundary fence. In the first the little pine thicket, the trees have a bonsai look about them – very old but not very big. Sit on the natural rock bench and take a well deserved swallow of water. Now look to your left...under the end of the rock you are on, The Hawk waits - covered by pine straw and a rock.
Note - There is also a geocache in this hidey hole. They have been together for a while and there is no conflict. The Hawk is deep in the hole behind the Cache. (Usually toward the back right)
Please be respectful of both boxes and carefully place the contents of each box back in its proper location. Reseal the boxes and rehide them better than you found them – The Hawk goes in the hole first, then the rock then the cache with plenty of pine straw to hide the treasures well.

3. Sunrise on the Rock
Now, continue to follow the fence around the backside of the rock until you cross a pipeline. On a line between the 7th warning sign past the crossing and the twin towers is a small grove of pines. Walk toward the grove. To the left of the leaning pine, under a ledge, by a snag of a tree you will find Sunrise on the Rock. You have to be here early to see the beauty of the colors of the sunrise reflecting in the lake.
As usual, please reseal and rehide better than you found the box. There is plenty of pine straw to cover the spot.