Ironwood  LbNA # 37828 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 9 2008
LocationTucson, AZ
Planted ByFlying Frog    
Found By PunkSoulBrother
Last Found Feb 27 2012
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**This box was placed in a new location on June 9, 2008 with the original stamp that the kids created.**

Welcome to Ironwood Elementary School in MUSD. This letterbox was developed by graduating 6th graders to commemorate our school's 20th anniversary. Each student was immersed into the world of "boxing" by creating their own hand-carved stamp,logbook, and then each chose a meaningful trail name. They voted on the name of our box, created the logo/ stamp and completed a research project on ironwood trees. We were all amazed with the new facts we learned: Olneya tesota are found only in the Sonoran Desert. They can reach 45 feet tall, and live to be more than 800 years old. Ironwood is hard, "like iron." The seeds from ironwood trees are eaten by doves, quail, and rodents. Ironwood flowers are lavender colored, and are pollinated by bees and used as medicine. The Ironwood National Forest was established in 2000, by former President Bill Clinton. It covers almost 130,000 acres. Ironwood Elementary School is located close to the Ironwood National Monument. There are many ironwoods in our area. Come and see them bloom during May and June!

In northwest Tucson:
Start at the cross streets that are the "opposite of under & weighs 2,000 pounds," AND the road that is the "name of the largest river in Ireland," (boy's or girl's name.) Go about .2 of a mile north to Freer. This street receives no tax dollars as you can see! Park on the northwest corner. From the stop sign, walk west about 40 steps. To your right, not too far off the dirt road, you'll see an ironwood tree nursing a 4' saguaro. There lies your treasure! If you continue down Freer, you will see our school nestled among many ironwoods trees. The ironwood trees are much larger near the school than the ones you see near the letterbox, b/c of 20 years of irrigation. Please be aware that you are in a natural desert environment. There are many things that might bite, poke or stab you. Take precautions, and use a stick to be sure nothing else is living in the cairn with the letterbox! Please log in and let us know you dropped by.