Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden Series  LbNA # 37833

OwnerSt. John's Neighbor    
Placed DateFeb 5 2008
LocationEast Moreland, OR
Found By The Flaky Lady
Last Found Aug 1 2008
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Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden Series

I have been told that these boxes are missing, sorry. St Johns Neighbor.

I have received an e-mail that one or both of these stamps are missing from the boxes. 8/10/08.

The Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden in SE Portland began as a rhododendron test garden in 1950. The Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden is now a general botanical garden, containing more than 2,500 species of rhododendrons, azaleas and other plants. It contains lovely landscaping with waterfalls, bridges, and meandering pathways.

The rhododendrons are at the height of their blooming season from early spring through summer. Check out the “Early Show” on the first Saturday in April, featuring the most precocious, first-blooming rhodies.

Hours: Apr 1 through Sep 30, 06:00-22:00; Oct 1 through Mar 31, 06:00-18:00

Admission: Labor Day through February, admission is free; during the rest of the year, admission is $3 between 10:00-18:00, Thursday-Monday (children under 12 are free)

Getting There: From the Portland Parks website, “The garden is located on SE 28 Avenue, one block north of Woodstock, between Eastmoreland Golf Course and Reed College. Or take TriMet bus #19 Woodstock. This bus takes alternating routes as it goes through Eastmoreland; ask the driver for the stop nearest the Garden.”

Upon entering the garden almost all paths essentially circle back onto one another. There are usually garden maps at the front gate if you want to keep track of where you’ve been and where you are going.

Blue Heron:
After passing through the front gate, there is an arched bridge directly in front of you. Pass over the bridge and continue forward, south, toward the longer Low Bridge. Here the South Lagoon merges with Crystal Springs Lake. You might spot Heron sitting on fallen trees in the water. Watch your back, as the ducks and squirrels are not the least bit shy. Cross over the Low Bridge, and continue heading south, staying on the trail closest to Crystal Springs Lake. Before too long there will be a meadow to your left. At the south end of the meadow, near the trail, there is a plant labeled R. Praecox. Stand in front of the tree, facing the Lake, and walk forward toward the old gnarled snag that reaches into the Lake. You will find the Blue Heron nesting in the left side of the snag’s trunk, covered with a bit of natural debris.

Crystal Springs Rhododendron:
Proceed further on along the trail past the R. Praecox and around the curve of the trail. You will circle back around the far side of the small meadow, and pass restrooms on your right. Continue on and you will come upon a shelter, also on your right. Pass around the far side of the shelter and head downhill toward the Rock Garden Terrace on the south side of the South Lagoon. Down near the lagoon there is a stone patio. A Chinese Paper Birch tree stands slightly behind a bench. Take a seat as near to the water as possible. Hidden near the squared-off “rim” stone closest to where you are sitting is the rare Crystal Springs Rhododendron.

Because this garden is so meticulously groomed, and because so many small animals make their homes among the trees here, it may be hard to keep these boxes hidden. Please replace them with a little plant matter so that they might remain viable for as long as possible. Thanks.