Journey  LbNA # 37835 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateFeb 4 2006
LocationNorfolk, CT
Planted ByYankee Cousins    
Found By sadie&russ
Last Found Aug 25 2009
Hike Distance?

From Rt. 44 in Norfolk, take a right onto Maple Avenue, which becomes Lovers' Lane and starts to go downhill. You will see a small pulloff on the left with a boulder and a tree or pole with a double yellow blaze on it. Park here, being careful not to block others. You will also see a chain across the trailhead: pass aound this.
You are now on the yellow-blazed Barbour Woods Loop Trail, which is 1.1 mile long, and an easy-to -moderate walk, but beware: due to tree roots, the occasional fallen tree, rocks and a washout next to a long downgrade, it is not safe for strollers or very young children.
Follow the yellow-blazed trail, in bygone years a carriage road. In the winter, you will encounter mud, ice and/or water. Your path will go downhill by way of a series of switchbacks and at the bottom you will catch sight of a cobblestone bridge as you come around a corner. A small wooden sign lets you know that this is Killarney Bridge.
Straight up from its left side has grown a tree, now forever leafless, but probably home to many inhabitants.
Go off the trail, around the side where the tree is, and to its right, between wood and stone,hidden, you will find your prize.
After discreetly re-hiding the box, go back up on the bridge to continue your walk, single file on the right because the left side has fallen down and left a big empty space, fenced off. Once you have enjoyed looking downstream to your heart's content (don't let anyone rush you), you will begin your upward walk. It's fun to stop every so often and look down at the bridge as it gets farther and farther away, and to listen to the rushing brook.
At the top is the washed out area where you must really watch your your step. Keep watching for the yellow blazes, and soon you will be back out on Lovers' Lane, a little uphill from where you parked.
This is the first letterbox planted by the Yankee Cousins.
Hope you enjoy your little journey.