Sno's Library Adventures  LbNA # 37856

OwnerLindsays Snowman    
Placed DateFeb 9 2008
LocationMariemont, OH
Found By Rynda
Last Found Sep 2 2010
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Sno’s Library Adventures

Find the public library in Mariemont, OH at the corner of Wooster Pike (Highway 50) and Pocahontas near Mariemont High School.

This is a small library, so please be careful and watch for onlookers. Also, they could rearrange the books, which certainly could make this more challenging!! Please hide boxes discretely.

Sno Poop

There is the adult section, the teen section and the children’s section. Go to the section most appropriate based on the naming of this stamp.

Locate the book “Sam’s Science: I Know Where My Food Goes” by Jacqui Maynard and illustrated by Katharine McEwen in the section with call numbers starting with J612.3. If this book is not there, then there should be other books on the digestive system in this section of the library.

Feel under the 3rd shelf from the top on the left side and in the back for Sno Poop.

Sno Pumpkin

Now to another section of the library, to the gardening and plants books. From here go to the cooking section on your right with call numbers starting with 641. Continue to look to your right to the travel section with call numbers starting with 915. Now to your left to the classics section featuring William Shakespeare at 822.33.

Sno Pumpkin is hiding nearby under the second shelf from the bottom in the far left corner.