Nothing Runs Like a Deehr  LbNA # 37875

Placed DateFeb 10 2008
LocationBerlin Hts., OH
Found By Lambfamily
Last Found Oct 24 2010
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Nothing Runs Like a Deehr

Revised instructions as of March 2009 after some changes have been made to the trail system.

Be warned! The trails at Edison Woods can be very wet and muddy in
the winter and spring. I wore calf-high rubber boots when placing
this letterbox hybrid, and i would have been miserable without
them. But, since my placement, the trails that were sometimes more like streams have been gravel filled, raised, and graded, so the boots can probably be replaced with flip-flops for this cache. Other trails in the park still offer a more challenging terrain.

To find this letterbox, first find a small parking lot on the
north side of Smokey Road. Coming from the west, it will be the
second small parking area you see on the north side. Right across
the street is the Big Meadow trailhead. Head south on the Big
Meadow Trail until you come to the Deehr Road Trail. On the day i
placed the cache, both trails were like shallow, muddy streams in
some places. With recent work on the trails, these streams are gone, and you will be walking along wide, even gravel trails.

Follow the Deehr Road Trail. You will pass the beginning and end of a trail that loops around the South Meadow Natural Area. Where this loop trail meets the Deehr Road Trail for the second time, you will see a large pile of gravel and rocks surrounding a drainage pipe. From here, proceed about 32 paces / 64 strides and look for a V-shaped tree along the south edge of the trail. Don't look too deeply into the woods, and don't worry about angles and perspectives--this tree looks like a huge V as you approach it from the trail.

When you find the V tree, stand with your back to it and look
directly across the trail. Ahead of you is a tree with many
horizontal limbs. It is larger in diameter than any of the nearby
trees. I saw some old barbed wire in the general area, so be
careful as you walk to the big tree. When you reach it, look beyond
for a nearby tree that has been pecked mercilessly by woodpeckers.
At the base of this tree is the cache.

The location gave this cache its name. The name gave the cache a
green and yellow starting theme.

Apologies to anyone who attempted this unsuccessfully between the trail "upgrade" and the revised instructions!!

This letterbox is also a geocache.