The Smiling Alien  LbNA # 37881

Placed DateFeb 10 2008
LocationBerlin Twp., OH
Found By c.butterfly
Last Found Sep 4 2008
Hike Distance?

Hoffman Forest Reserve is located on Huff Road between Chapin and Arlington Roads in Berlin Twp. The reserve contains 40 acres of meadows, forest, and two branches of Old Woman Creek. Seasonally, the trails can be muddy.

To find the letterbox, start by finding the Meadows Loop Trailhead at the east end of the parking area. It is indicated by red arrows. When the trail splits, take the branch to the southeast and keep the creek on your left until you come to the footbridge.

Cross the bridge and follow the trail up the hill and around the bend. At the next trail split, take the trail to the right that is lined by evergreens on both sides. Soon, you will come to yet another split. You have three choices here. Be a good compromiser and take the middle road.

When you come to the first evergreen tree on the right side of the trail, stop. Look into the woods for a broken-off tree about 15-18 feet off the trail. This tree is about chest high to a short person . In a line just to the east and south of the broken-off tree are three other trees. The middle tree holds the letterbox, but the left tree is more interesting to look at for its own merits.

This letterbox is also a geocache :)