Blue Socks  LbNA # 37882

Placed DateFeb 10 2008
LocationSandusky, OH
Found By Kermit
Last Found Feb 28 2012
Hike Distance?

Nestled behind the Sandusky Mall, amid a sea of recent commercial and residential development, Pelton Park contains several distinct ecological zones including forest, meadow and stream bottom. Over 150 plant species and dozens of birds, mammals, reptiles, and amphibians call this park home.

To locate this letterbox, find the parking lot at the end of Pelton Park Drive. Leave your car there, and head past the picnic meadow to the nature trailhead. A stream runs across the entry to the nature area, and the flow rate varies with the season. You might get your feet wet! (Or you might not--the Erie Parks seem to have improved the crossing.) Two trails start here, and you will take the one that goes to the right. Continue to veer to the right as side trails branch off. In the wintertime, you will see that you are quite near to a neighborhood of houses.

On a late-February maintenance visit, i found that there is a large, downed tree on the route to the cache. You'll need to walk around it to the right and pick up the trail again. You should see both the tree and the continued path with no trouble. The parks might remove the downed tree before i make a re-visit, but in the meantime, i thought i should add a note that the area has changed a little since i wrote the instructions.

When a side trail to the right goes toward the stream, maintain your course along the main trail. You may be able to see a blue house beyond the park boundary. As you come near the end, you will see a shattered giant to the right of the trail. The cache lies at his base and under his body.

As for the blue socks, i hid this letterbox on a cold day, when i was wearing a pair of toe socks and a pair of soccer socks over them. And the soccer socks came from bennet, who has a geocache called Yellow Socks. I had a rubber stamp with socks, but no yellow stamp pad, so my cache is Blue Socks. But my socks are still yellow socks.

This letterbox is also a geocache :)