Adena Bike Path GOLF Bridge  LbNA # 37888

OwnerCaptain Kirk    
Placed DateFeb 11 2008
LocationAthens, OH
Found By GC Tandem
Last Found May 30 2010
Hike Distance?

Difficulty: Challenging
Terrain: Drive up, then a walk on mostly flat ground.
Time: Less than 40 minutes after you park.
Distance: Depending on where you park, 1/2 mile?
Location: Planted in a remote area of the Ohio University campus, reachable only by footbridge across the river into a landlocked portion of the golf course.
Take along your stamppad, stamp and walking shoes.
(Although bearings are mentioned below, you really won't need a compass.)
There are many starting points along the 16 miles from Nelsonville to Athens along the bikepath, but as your goal is near the 2.5 mile marker, follow these directions:

Start in beautiful Athens, Ohio at the county courthouse.
Travel left on Washington Street, then South on Congress Street to Richland Avenue, and then left (East) on East Green Drive at the Convocation Center (round dome bldg on your right).

Park wherever you can, but the further east on campus, the shorter your walk will be to the riverside. There are some public spaces at the Student Recreation Center. This could be your starting point for a foot hike.

ALTERNATIVE START POINT: From the Richland Avenue Bridge, walk on the bikepath eastward. This point is aproximately mile marker 3, and the footbridge you seek is someplace a half mile to the east, nearing 2. Beware of your parking location. Campus parking is restricted in most locations. Make sure you are in a public lot!

Walk or drive further east to the Ohio University Golf Course. There are some parking stalls here too, and if you're still driving, PARK HERE. (lock your car!)

Please be descrete, as this is a very public area.

Proceed on foot east onto the Bikepath. The golf bridge is a foot bridge for golf carts across the Hocking River. A marble marker (like a grave stone) directs to cross the river to reach the 3rd tee. Cross the footbridge.

After crossing the bridge, the golf cart path splits, forming a large loop around the region. [If you have a compass, your goal (the flat rocks) is due south at 180 degrees. If not, follow the landmarks:] Take the right fork. Another marble marker here directs returning golfers back the way you came to find the 7th tee.

From the footbridge, walk 100 steps on the right paved path. At the wooden flat bridge over the drainage creek, turn left, leaving the path and follow the curve of the stream past the black drainage pipe to the large flat rocks near the back edge of the course.

You are almost to the letterbox. There are 5 bolders here: Stand upon the largest of these flat boulders. Look east at the hillside that marks the edge of the golf course. US 33/Route 50 bipasses above you.

Take 15 steps farther east to the largest scrub tree that is near the wooden posts anchoring the wire fence behind the tree. The object you seek is behind the trunk of this tree.

The letterbox is wrapped in camoflauge tape. Make sure it is secure and in place for others to find and enjoy. Please be sure to reseal the baggie and replace all items carefully into the letterbox.

In the event this box is not in usable condition or cannot be found, please drop me a line.