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LocationAthens, TX
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Wiley Trammell was born in Georgia in 1824. His nickname was "Buck". He was part Irish, tall, rather large frame, weighing around 200 pounds. He was also a very stubborn and determined person. On July 15, 1845 Buck, age twenty-one and Barbara Baugh, age fifteen, were married in Lincoln County, Georgia. Lincoln County is just across the Swannah River from South Carolina. Buck and Barbara lived in Georgia several years after their marriage. They had two children, a daughter, Matilda, then a son, Thomas K. "Tom". They decided to move to Alabama and lived in Chambers County awhile around the year 1850. They moved quite often. They had five more children, Susan, John, Levi T., Frank and Martha.
After the Civil War the family lived near Rome, Georgia. They decided to leave Georgia and come to Texas and settle some land. They made all their plans and arrangments to start their journey to Texas The Trammell's traveled in an ox drawn wagon bringing what belongings they could. The older boys rode horseback most of the way. They met a lot of nice friendly people on their way to Texas. These people would put them up for the night, feed them and help them with the oxen and horses, preparing for the next day's travel. They would also give them food to carry along with them. At one point on their way, they ate some fresh corn and it made all of them very sick. They had to stay there for awhile until they recovered and were strong enough to travel.
When they arrived in East Texas they all liked it. Some of it was virgin forest and some had grass as tall as the stirrups on the horses. They settled in Henderson County, about twelve miles south of Athens. Athens was a very small township and was progressing slowlly. They pre-empted land from the State of Texas and built a two-room shack. Their land was not too far from the springs where they got water and later this was called The Rome Community. A cemetery was already established by previous settlers. The cemetery was started in early 1900 and Mrs. Andy Boyd was the first person to be buried there. Most of the older people that have lived at Rome all of their lives have passed on. Today there are lots of Trammell descendant and associated families still living around where the Rome Community was located.
When visitors came to see Buck and Barbara, they were usually invited to stay and eat. Buck would go out and find a soft shelled turtle and Barbara would cook it and make a delicious soup. Her turtle soup was enjoyed by all who tasted it. They ate a lot of wild animals, grew their own vegetables, corn, grain, etc.
As the children married and started their own families, Buck soon was called Grandpa by everyone and Barbara was Aunt Barbara or Grandma. Barbara was a small low woman. She was a very devout Primitive Baptist and lived by the Church gospel. She kept up with everyone and everything in the Church, and didn't mind speaking up for or again anyone or anything. Since Barbara was so strong in her beliefs, Buck was just as stubborn in his. He would not become a member of the church.
Where the Rome Church is located there is a pavillion next to the church that is used by the Trammell family every year for the annual reunion held the 3rd Saturday in October. Other families from Rome Community use this as well for their reunions each year.

Directions to the Box:
On the North side of the Henderson County Courthouse square in Athens, turn south on Prairieville and drive south until you come to Cayuga Drive (Hwy 59). Turn right onto this road and travel 5.8 miles to the Shady Oaks Community. Turn left onto FM 753 and go till you see the Rome Cemetery sign on the right. Turn down this black-topped road and go to the church. Park and look south you will see a tree with 2 trunks (it has 3 when you get to it). The box is on the left side at the base of this tree. Be careful of snakes and other critters.

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