Heller's Bend  LbNA # 37926

Placed DateFeb 16 2008
CountySan Diego
LocationFallbrook, CA
Planted ByNo. 5    
Found By epodki
Last Found Nov 11 2009
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Heller's Bend Preserve
Acquired in 1997, this 27 acre preserve is a former avocado and citrus orchard. It is open to visitors on foot, and features a running stream, rolling hills, and a great view from the top of the road.

In January and February 1998, AmeriCorps teams chopped down 60 avocado and citrus trees to allow native oaks to reclaim the land, and rebuilt a fence.

The preserve is on the southwest side of Heller's Bend Road, which meets S. Mission immediately south of the Via Monserate junction. This is along the old route of highway 395 along Ostrich Creek from 1928 to 1949, before the hillside was cut to straighten out Mission Road.

The main road is 0.5 mile long to the top, an altitude gain of ~200', with several side roads that can also be explored, for a total hike of 1.5 miles.

From the trail head, proceed all the way to the top of the hill. From Pat's bench, proceed on a heading of 40 degrees for 25 steps. Look for the rock out cropping that is shaped like a dragon's head. The box is hidden under a wedge shaped rock at the base of the outcropping.